WiseWater workshops combine the vital connection between personal well-being and preserving our water environment.

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Together we can make waves

a unique educational programme

Experience the transformative power of the WiseWater wellness project - designed for primary students.

Dive into a world where environmental stewardship meets holistic well-being, nurturing active citizenship and fostering physical, mental, and social health.

Through engaging interactive activities and multisensory experiments, students discover the vital connection between preserving our water environment and nurturing our personal well-being.

Primary School programme


We have been lucky enough to

have WiseWater here for the last few weeks.

It’s a great course

facilitated very well by Elaine and Katie.

It was a great crossover between

SPHE and SESE and a real addition

to things like the green flag as well.

The class really enjoyed it,

multisensory approach, fantastic and

real hands on activities for all the kids.

We hope to have them back for our upcoming sixth class.

R. Philips,

6th class Teacher, Co.Cork

Wise Water Wellness has made me think SOOOO much differently about water. I live next to a little beach and now everyday I walk down in the morning with a plastic bag and clean lots of the rubbish up.


6th Class Student

I learned whenever I get mad or angry at someone or something I try to stay in a blue mind, not a red one. To respect water and yourself and others as much as you can.


6th Class Student

Thank you Elaine and Katie for your work with the class.

I was very impressed with how engaged the children were .

I also learnt a lot about water and some of the relaxing activities for supporting wellbeing will continue to be used.

I would definitely recommend your work and I wish you all the best with this worthwhile programme.

S. O’Donoghue

6th Class Teacher, Cork.

Transition Year Workshops

Wise Water Wellness

In a disconnected world, water connects

WiseWater workshops bring global citizenship education to provide environmental and well-being workshops for Transition Year students.

Through team-based learning and fun interactive activities, participants gain transversal skills such as critical and innovative thinking, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, creativity, communication and teamwork.

WiseWater isn't just an educational workshop, it equips young minds with practical tools for self-care, fostering meaningful connections, and instilling a sense of responsibility for our shared environment.

Youth Club workshoPS

Refreshing sustainability

This workshop is carried out at a nearby river or stream and is a fun favourite among young people

We are water! We need water and water needs us

An interactive workshop exploring the magic of water and how it can provide us with ways of caring for ourselves and the enviroment

Immerse in the wonders of the water cycle with our workshop featuring an interactive 3D model of a river catchment

Wisewater Community workshoPS

Together creating waves of change

Investigating the water quality of ​your local river or stream

Culture and heritage expedition to ​meet the source a river.

Bringing communities together to develop a connection with their local well.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Become a Lighthouse for your community

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Tier 2

Tier 3

Our Mission

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Education that inspires

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Preserving and protecting water

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Whole Community Approach

wise water team
Youth Community Educator

Katie McShane

​Katie is a passionate advocate for water, seamlessly combining her roles as a sound healer, celebrant, explorer of healing arts, and environmental educator. Always ensuring a touch of adventure, Katie is a sea-splashing social scientist, delving into the social and cultural aspects of water. With a deep-rooted love for nature and a profound respect for the interconnectedness of ecosystems, Katie has made it her life's mission to educate, celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and protection. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she has a remarkable ability to engage and inspire people of all ages.

Elaine Moynihan

Elaine is a nature photographer and writer but her passion for water extends beyond the lens and pen. As a year round swimmer and surfer, a currach builder and rower whether it’s an icy head-dunk, rowing or catching a wave, Elaine loves being in the sea. She has a profound respect for all water environments which has deepened her understanding of the interconnection between people and nature. As a social scientist, youth and community educator Elaine’s enthusiasm for water, combined with her diverse skill set, empowers others to celebrate, connect and protect water.

Youth Community Educator

Join Us

‘Every drop counts’ and together, we can make waves that shape a brighter, more sustainable, and harmonious future.

At the heart of WiseWater is the source of wellness and education that nature provides us about ourselves and our place in the world.

WiseWater aims to restore hope by celebrating the wonder and magic of water. Nurturing care and a deep respect for ourselves, the planet, and each other naturally inspires active citizenship.

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